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About the Author

Robert S. Feldman

Robert S. Feldman, Ph.D., a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and Association for Psychological Science, has examined lying and everyday deception for over 25 years.

About the Author

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Why do people lie so much?

Most often, the lies we are exposed to are not venal, but rather ways to make social interactions proceed more smoothly. People lie to be agreeable or to make us feel better about ourselves. Of course, people also lie to build themselves up or to gain some advantage over us. And many of us lie to ourselves as much as we are lied to by others.

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Latest News

Zeit Wissen Magazine [Germany] Publishes Article.
Feldman is interviewed at length about his research and writing on lying in the April-May, 2012 issue. Included are some compelling photographs.
April-May 2012.

WGBY Program Discusses Lying OnLine.
On WGBY's "Connecting Point" Dean Robert Feldman, professor of psychology, discussed his paper “Liar, Liar, Hard Drive on Fire: How Media Context Affects Lying Behavior.” He found that people are more likely to lie in instant messages and emails than in face-to-face interaction.
March, 2012.

Liar, Liar, Hard Drive on Fire Published in JASP.
A new study by Robert Feldman and Mattityahu Zimbler, a graduate student, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology (October 2011), finds that communication using computers for instant messaging and e-mail increases lying compared to face-to-face conversations, with e-mail messages containing the most lies.
October 2011.